Slafen Glaze Bed Sheets (Queen Size / 228 x  254 cm) | Bluish white with big circles

Slafen Glaze Bed Sheets (Queen Size / 228 x 254 cm) | Bluish white with big circles

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Bedsheets With An Unmatched Quality Offering The Best Value For Money!

Everyone needs a well-organized, peaceful, and attractive bedroom. But not everyone is ready to invest in a few products first.

In addition to offering comfort, bedsheets determine how your bedroom is going to look. Sadly, most bedsheets do not live up to their expectations.

If you do not want to end up with a boring sheet which doesn't last long, you must try our COSEE Slafen Glaze Cotton Bedsheets.

The Micro Peached Fabric comes with stunning geometric designs to add a unique sense of style. When it comes to everyday usage, it cannot get any better than this.

Generous Amount of Fabric

Most people buy bedsheets which end up being not enough for the dimensions of their bed. We offer a fabric dimension of 8.5 Ft x 7.5 ft or 90 x 100 inch (228 x 254 cm)which can suit even queen size beds.

No Compromises In Quality

If you haven't tried using products made of Micro-Peached Fabric, COSEE Slafen Glaze Cotton Bedsheets are going to leave you speechless.

The fabric gets its name from the smoothing process which makes them soft and polished. The fabric has a weight of 180 GSM meaning they are light and easy to handle.

Minimalistic Designs

Minimalism is so popular these days that almost everyone wants to adapt. If you are someone who's into minimalism, you can stop choosing bedsheets that are lifeless and grab one of our stunning bedsheet designs.

We offer designs made of geometric shapes. This would allow your bedroom to have a sense of style without making it too flashy.

Reliable Even If Used Daily

When it comes to everyday usage, you cannot rely upon COSEE Slafen Glaze Cotton Bedsheets that only focus on luxury. We assure that you can trust our bedsheets and use them regularly on a daily basis.

They also adapt really well to your room's temperature. You can have a good night's rest without having to worry about them getting too hot and too cold.

Best Value For The Money

In most cases, it is impossible to find pillowcases that match the bedsheet. We make the job easier for you.

You can receive two matching pillowcases with every bedsheet you buy. They continue to serve you for a really long time with resistance to wear and tear.

Designs: Subject to Availability DM for new designs.

Incomparable Comfort


Snuggle your way with the ultra-smooth, sufficient and skin-friendly bed sheets that stay with you for a long time

Lifestyle Companion

Add colours to your living with the vibrant sheets available in plenty of designs and patterns to suit your style

Extraordinary Quality

Categories are huge yet the quality of COSEE's sleep products always stand out

Peaceful Sleep

Made of reliable raw materials, our well-woven bed sheets let you find the true meaning of sound sleep