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Jacquard Cushion | Single | Sienna Brown
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Jacquard Cushion | Single | Sienna Brown

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Bring a taste of luxe to your interiors, with these elegant-looking cushions crafted with special velvet finish

Cuddle It! Snuggle It!! Love It!!! 

Are your guests not paying attention to your home decor? It’s because you haven’t taken your home decor to the next level. 

Deck up your home with COSEE Jacquard Cushions and enjoy the true sense of opulence. 

Our cushions are made of exquisite Jacquard Fabric that brings your home to life. 

The luxurious touch and velvet finish summon the wandering eyes of your guests. Also, this cushion entices you and your guests to lean on it. 

The texture, fabric and crisp edges elevate the beauty of your resting areas. COSEE Jacquard Cushions are super soft and ultra-lightweight. 

2 In 1 Surprise For You 

You don’t have to waste money on Cushions Covers or White fillers anymore. Here, you have Jacquard design cushions which are prefilled and can be washed easily. Save your hard-earned money by just buying this. It solves your purpose of cushion cover as well as white filler. 

Beautifies Wherever It Goes 

Our cushions are not limited to sofas and couches. You can bedeck your bedroom, lounge, chairs, recliners, cars, reception lounge, kids bedroom, garden seating, terrace garden seating, divan, and windows ledge. 

Allergy, where are you? 

It’s time to say goodbye to those allergy-causing cheap cushions. COSEE Jacquard Cushions are hypoallergenic and protect you against dust mites, irritants, etc. 

No Bacteria, No Problem 

Bacteria is the source of infection and we have always been its victims. We are not victims anymore because you have Jacquard Cushion. This cosy cushion comes with anti-microbial properties to keep you healthy. 

Jacquard Design Robs Your Lovely Heart 

The stylish tones and cool designs attract the eyes and steal your heart. The delicate Jacquard cushion offers a fantastic experience for all seasons. Our cushion’s fine detailing and subtle floral design make interiors look elegant. 

Washing Cushions Made Easy by COSEE 

Stinking cushions, wet patches, dirty looks, those days are gone. COSEE Jacquard Cushions are machine washable which takes your pain off. Wash it, dry it, cuddle it, you’ll surely love it. 

Luxurious Comfort & Velvet Finish 

This cushion is made of high-quality Polyfibre to offer luxurious comfort and fluffy feel. The royal velvet finish gives your home an attractive traditional feel. 

Jacquard Cushion


Cotton Jacquard Fabric
Filling: Poly Fibre
Size- Standard Cushion 41x41 cm (16 X 16 INCH)


Anti Microbial
Machine Washable
Soft Touch

Single, Set of 2, Cushion set of 5

Sensual Fabric Finish


These elegant-looking cuddle partners owe their looks to the velvety fabric and excellent finish.

Extremely Versatile

They aren’t just for your bedrooms. They fit in exceptionally well in lounges and living room sofas.

Luxurious Yet Affordable

The luxurious velvet finish would steal the eyes of your guests while keeping your expenses low.

Stays Fresh, Lasts Long

You can throw them into your washer and they’ll come back looking fresh and newly bought every single time.



Adorn Your Home With Jazzy Jacquard Cushion