Color Cushions Online For Sofa| 40X40 | Single | Violet

Color Cushions Online For Sofa| 40X40 | Single | Violet

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Upgrade your Home Decor with Coloured Cushions!

Furniture generally does not come with a lot of accessories when we buy them. This makes them unattractive and normal. Most people tend to be okay with this. Do not be most people! 

Most Beds and sofas do not feel comfortable when you lean on their corners. The wood finish would aggravate your back pain even more. It is time that you do something about it.

COSEE Colour Cushions are a quick fix that can completely change the way your home looks. So Cosee Cushions Online Buy is everything you are looking for.

You can mix and match them with different colours of bedsheets and pillow covers. These colour cushions are not just for your furniture. They are great accessories for your cars, coffee chairs and recliners.

The premium quality materials used in its making makes it one of the best value products available in the market.

Instant Style Upgrade

This tiny accessory will make your cars and furniture a lot more cosy and attractive. Instead of wasting your money on a piece of new furniture, you can invest a few bucks in these cushions to give your old ones a new look.

You are going to be happy that you made the right choice. They are available in 11 different colours making them compatible with any type of furniture including your lounge chairs and recliners.

Looks and Feels Rich

The poly fibre filling used in COSEE Colour Cushions is not just focused on comfort but also on quality. They retain their properties for a really long time. Throw one or two of these inside your car and your kids would love it!

The cotton fabric which is used to enclose the filling is a definite cherry on top. The cotton fabric helps in adding a luxurious touch to the cushion. 

Say NO to Allergies

COSEE Colour Cushions have antimicrobial property. This removes any risk factors leading to an infection or skin diseases. 

The materials used do not support any microbial growth. All these factors contribute to making the cushions Hypo-Allergenic, making them one the best quality cushions.

Constant Washing? Not a problem.

This is where you can find them standing out from the rest of their competition. You can wash COSEE Colour Cushions using a machine whenever you need.

All the properties which the cushion had initially will be retained. This allows you to wash them regularly and keep them clean all the time. These cushion pillows last really longer than you expect. 

Color Cushions (40x40 cm)


Fabric: Cotton

Filling: Poly Fibre

Size- Standard 40x40 cm (16 X 16 INCH)

Weight: 350 Grams

Colour: Available in 11 Colors



Anti Microbial

Machine Washable

Soft Touch

Available in Single, Pair, Set of 5


Ultimate Relief

The cushion alleviates lower back pain by gently aligning the spine for perfect posture.

Made of premium peached 110 GSM fabric which is 100% safe and easily recyclable.
Easy Home Care
Machine washable cushion to keep your loved ones safe and healthy. Retains shape even after multiple washes.


Makes Your Home Decor a Million Times Better

Hurry Up And Get Yourself a Cushion Soon!